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Kurt Angle Challenges Dana White to a Pro-Wrestling Match

Pro-Wrestling legend Kurt Angle did a Q&A on his Facebook page this morning. During the session, a question came up about Dana White’s recent comments about Pro-Wrestling. Kurt Angle challenged Dana White to a Pro-Wrestling match:

I thought Dana knew better but he obviously doesn’t. But, in Dana’s defense, I thought wrestling was 100 percent fake before I started. If Dana stepped in the ring with a pro wrestler, and took 2 or 3 bumps, he’d change his mind very quickly. If Dana would like to, I will step in the ring with him. I know that would change his mind. What do you say Dana? You up for 2 or 3 German suplexes?

Below are some other questions and answers from the session:
* What’s the one bump you wish you never took?
Angle: “After just having my surgery in my neck a few months prior, I took an extremely hard chair shot to the head from Brock Lesnar. It wasn’t his fault, I could have told him not to hit my head. I didn’t tell him that and I wish I would have. I had to undergo another surgery.”

* What’s your weirdest wrestling moment?
Angle: “Weird? If weird means uncomfortable, then I would say when I Angle Slammed Mae in a segment on Raw. I believe she was 80 years old. Before the segment, Mae came to me and said “Son, spike me hard. Give Me everything you got”. Now if that’s not weird, I don’t know what is….lol.”

* Hey Mr. Angle. My question is who is the most opposite of their character wrestler you ever worked with?
Angle: “We all relate to our character because it’s part of us, but Eugene (Nick Dinsmore) was nothing like his character and he did it incredibly well.”

* What’s your favourite WWE in-ring segments?
Angle: “I had so many in ring “moments” but the battle rap with Cena in Toronto was one of my faves. Giving Cena a hug and telling him “Thuganomics? You’re obviously not the king of Huganomics”. It was magic and Cena sold it perfectly. I was really surprised that I was just as good on the mic as I was wrestling in the ring.”

* What’s your favourite thing you’ve done in your professional wrestling career?
Angle: “My favorite part of my career was when I started in WWE. My 1st run as a heel was so much fun. The comedy, the goofy character I portrayed was very challenging. It’s amazing when you go outside of yourself to become a whole different person. I couldn’t wait for Raw each week to see what the “Olympic Hero” had in store for the fans. A lot of the credit goes to the amazing chemistry I had with Brian Gewirtz, the head writer. I’m a pure blood wrestler, and that’s my strength, but I thoroughly enjoyed entertaining the fans and hearing “You suck”.”

Kurt Angle also gave an update on his health:

A lot of you have been asking about my health– I’m progressing slowly, but surely. I will be back in the ring again. I don’t know the exact date but it will be soon. Thank you all for your concern and for supporting me. I will be back!!!!!

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