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Kurt Angle On His TNA Career Being Better Than WWE

Kurt Angle

Kurt Angle

In a recent interview on The MMA Hour radio show, Kurt Angle told the whole world that this is probably his last year in the sport of professional wrestling, especially as an in-ring competitor in TNA, although he is open to continuing with WWE if they offered him a part time deal (which they refused to in 2014).

Kurt Angle recently won the TNA World Heavyweight Championship at an Impact Wrestling TV taping by defeating Bobby Lashley, and according to reports, Destination America also wants Angle to represent TNA.

Here’s what Kurt Angle said in the interview:

“If I do go one more year, I’ll hang it up. Where I am now, I’m happy going out the way I’m doing it. I’ve had a great career in WWE and TNA. I can honestly say I’ve had a better career in TNA. If I decide to go to WWE next year, that will be my last year, but I’m happy where I’m at.”

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