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Kurt Angle On The Rumor Of Taz’s Suplexes Being Dangerous

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• Kurt Angle On The Rumor Of Taz’s Suplexes Being Dangerous

On a recent episode of Kurt Angle’s podcast, the 1996 Olympic Gold Medalist responded to a rumor spread by Jim Ross about Old School ECW/WWF Veteran “The Human Suplex Machine” Taz’s suplexes being considered dangerous.

Jim Ross said the following on his own podcast not too long ago:

“People thought his suplexes were dangerous, a lot of the talents got back to Vince and said, ‘I don’t really want to work with this guy.’ Enough of the top talents convinced McMahon that Taz was not a good hire, he was limited on what he could do, his suplexes were dangerous, so he fell out of favor.”

After this, Kurt Angle felt he had to clear things up and said the following about working with Taz:

“Taz was not dangerous, that was my idea. I told Taz to give me a German suplex and throw me really high in the air, I would flip over to my stomach. I wanted to do a moonsault German suplex where I landed on my stomach, I thought it’d look really vicious and brutal. So that was all my call.

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I’m not sure why Taz didn’t then tell the office that I’m the one that chose the move. Taz was never dangerous with his suplexes. He was relatively safe, I never had a problem with him.”

Taz then went on Twitter to respond to Kurt Angle defending him:

“So for me, aren’t many more credible in the history of the biz than Kurt. For anyone who thought/think I was “dangerous” the man with the brightest GOLD has spoken. I appreciate you explaining this Kurt Angle.”

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