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Kurt Angle Opens Up About Being Unhappy With His WWE Return, Says Vince McMahon Didn’t Allow Him To Wrestle For More Than 7 Minutes

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• Old School Wrestling Legend Would Have Celebrated His Birthday

Today would have been the 68th birthday of Old School NWA/WWF/WCW Legend “Dirty” Dick Slater (Real name: Richard Van Slater).

Dick Slater wrestled for several territories in the 60s, 70s, 80s & 90s, until he had to retire following a back injury in 1996.

Most famously he worked for the World Wrestling Federation in 1986 & 1987 and for Ted Turner’s World Championship Wrestling from 1991 till the end of his career in 1996.


May 19, 1951 – October 18, 2018

• Kurt Angle Opens Up About Being Unhappy With His WWE Return, Says Vince McMahon Didn’t Allow Him To Wrestle For More Than 7 Minutes

During a recent interview with ComicBook, WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle was asked if he’s upset about his WWE return and below is what Angle said:

“So when you say, am I upset about coming back? Yes, I’m upset about it. I mean, don’t get me wrong, being part of the Shield was awesome, but to have my return, of course I want to … you know, I thought I was going to get the royal treatment and I’d be wrestling in main events. And I was wrestling pretty good at that point, ’cause I was very active. When I became inactive is when my body shut down and my age started to show.

‘Cause when you sit out for 9 months your body becomes arthritic and you start tensing up and you can’t move your legs, and your back, and your neck. When your wrestling five days a week, you’re bumping around, you’re breaking open that scare tissue. So whether you believe it or not, wrestling actively every week and beating your body up is better that not doing anything at all. So when I got into that match it was fun for me. And was I a little disappointed? No, because it was the Shield, but I was disappointed that I didn’t get a Kurt Angle feature match.

When I came back here I was a liability. Vince McMahon knew that. And they were having me drug tested to make sure I was clean. But the thing is it’s my fault. So I understand why Vince did what he did. He brought me in, put me in the Hall of Fame. Then he had me do the GM role. Then he had me start wrestling. And by the time I started wrestling my body was all, you know, it just was all … what do you call it? Arthritic and cramped up. And I couldn’t move.

But I understand why Vince did it. He looks at me and says I don’t want this kid to screw himself up again. So I’m going to keep him straight by giving him these roles. So he only have me wrestle every once and awhile. And he wouldn’t let me wrestle for longer than 7 minutes. So it was like, sure I was upset, but I understand.”

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