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Kurt Angle Reveals How Randy Orton & Rob Van Dam Bypassed WWE’s Drug Tests

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• Kurt Angle Reveals How Randy Orton & Rob Van Dam Bypassed WWE’s Drug Tests

During a recent edition of his podcast, WWE Hall Of Famer Kurt Angle recalled how Randy Orton & Rob Van Dam bypassed WWE’s drug tests back in the day.

Here’s what Angle said:

“Well, I think that the WWE, what they are doing right now, and I don’t know if it has changed since I left, but they would just fine the wrestler.

So, you’re going to get drug tested seven times a year. If you’re going to fail seven times a year, and this is one of the wrestlers, this is what I heard one of the wrestlers say, and I might as well say who it is, Randy Orton and Rob Van Dam.

They basically told the company that they would, ‘How much were the fines, and how many drug tests would I do this year?’ So, they wanted to pay the money upfront (laughs). I think the fine was two thousand dollars, so they just said, ‘Here, take 14 grand, I’m good.’ They would bypass the test, and they wouldn’t get suspended.

So, I think marijuana, they have been lighter on about because it’s not banned anymore. You don’t get suspended, but you still get fined.”

Angle then gave his opinion on CBD:

“I’ve tried CBD. It works. The cream works on my joints for a good hour. It doesn’t last really long, but it is effective if you want to get a workout in, so you are not sore before you start training, but you know, that doesn’t do anything long-term for me. So, I wasn’t that excited about it. It is what it is.

I think it does reduce swelling temporarily, and that’s a good thing, and I think if you want to use CBD, go ahead and use it. It is a pretty safe product.”

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