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Kurt Angle Reveals If He Was Upset About Hulk Hogan & Sting Getting More Attention Than Him In TNA

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• Kurt Angle Reveals If He Was Upset About Hulk Hogan & Sting Getting More Attention Than Him In TNA

WWE Hall Of Famer Kurt Angle talked about TNA Bound For Glory 2011 on the latest episode of his podcast.

During this episode, Angle (who was the TNA World Heavyweight Champion at the time) was asked if he was upset about Hulk Hogan & Sting getting more attention than him during that period of time.

Here’s what Angle said:

“That’s a tough question because we were the workhorses, myself and Bobby Roode. Guys like us, AJ Styles and Samoa Joe, but Hulk Hogan and Sting are two of the biggest names in the history of the business.

You want them on your team. You want them in your company. They’re going to help promote the company. They’re going to draw ratings. They’re going to draw money. It doesn’t matter how old they get, people still want to see them.

Sting was still going pretty hard at that particular time, and Hulk Hogan wasn’t doing too bad as well.

I wasn’t upset about that. I did understand, but we are the workhorses. We deserve more of the attention, but understandably, they got more of the attention.”

At Bound For Glory 2011, Sting defeated Hulk Hogan in the co-main event. This was Hogan’s final televised (TV/PPV) match. In the main event, Kurt Angle defeated Bobby Roode to retain the TNA World Title.

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