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Kurt Angle Reveals What Randy Orton Said To Him Before Getting Cleared To Return

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Randy Orton is going to return to WWE for 554 days at tonight’s Survivor Series 2023 premium live event, as he’s going to compete in the Men’s WarGames match.

On his podcast, Kurt Angle revealed that Orton’s back injury was very serious and that’s why he missed 1.5 years due to this.

Kurt then revealed what Randy said to him about his injury, before getting cleared to return:

“It’s about time. I’m just glad he did (return) because I was communicating with him for quite some time when he was out with the injury because Kim (Orton) and Giovanna (Angle) are best friends.

He was telling me, ‘Hey, man, it’s not looking good. I don’t know how my back is going to heal if my back’s going to heal’.

So he was a little worried about it for a while, and eventually it started to heal up, and now I think he’s okay, but it was pretty serious for some time.

They didn’t know (if Orton would return). Randy, he’s young, too. I mean he’s in his 40s, but he’s still pretty young.

(Compared to) me and other guys that are wrestling like Sting in his 60s and Chris Jericho in his 50s. So yeah, he’s still young. He still has a good 6 or 7 years if he stays healthy.”

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