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Kurt Angle Says He Doesn’t Have Any Heat With WWE Star

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WWE Hall Of Famer Kurt Angle left WWE for TNA in 2006 and then returned to the company for one final run in 2017 on the RAW after WrestleMania 33.

The Olympic Gold Medalist had plenty of matches in his final run with WWE, before he retired at WrestleMania 35 in a match against Baron Corbin.

Angle has stated multiple times that he pushed for his final match to be against John Cena, but WWE wanted him to put Corbin over in his final match.

Speaking on The Kurt Angle Show, Angle said that he doesn’t have any heat with Corbin, despite what happened at WrestleMania 35.

“I do not have heat with Baron Corbin. He wasn’t my first choice to retire me at WrestleMania, I’ve made that very well known, but I didn’t mind having him there. I didn’t mind wrestling him.

The problem with Baron is, right after he beat me, they pushed him really hard. He won King of the Ring, became King Corbin, and then they changed it to Happy Corbin. I don’t know what the hell they were thinking.”

Angle thinks Corbin deserves better opportunities in WWE. Corbin currently works in NXT, where his role is to feud with the up-and-coming young talent and make them ready for the main roster.

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