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Kurt Angle Reveals Why Carlito Didn’t Have A Better Run In WWE

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During a recent episode of his weekly ‘The Kurt Angle Show’ podcast, our Olympic Hero said that he feels like Ruthless Aggression Era Veteran Carlito Caribbean Cool did not have a better run in WWE, because he never had meetings with promoter Vince McMahon about the character and how things are going.

Here’s what Kurt Angle said about Carlito:

“He had all the talent in the world, never spoke up, and kept quiet.

He didn’t fight for himself. You’ve got to do a little bit of fighting, not a lot but you’ve got to speak up and say ‘Hey, I want my opportunity’.

He never had meetings with Vince. He just kept quiet. When you’re not letting your voice be heard you become invisible, and that’s what happened.”

It was reported that Carlito recently signed a new WWE contract and is soon going to return on either RAW or SmackDown.

Carlito might even join Rey Mysterio’s new version of the old school WCW faction ‘latino World order’.

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