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Kurt Angle Says His Role As RAW General Manager Worsened His Physical Condition, Almost Broke His Neck At WrestleMania 35

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• OLD SCHOOL VIDEO HISTORY (April 15, 1990) – NWA Main Event

On this day in 1990, Ted Turner’s World Championship Wrestling aired an episode of their weekly TV show ‘NWA Main Event’.

This episode featured pre-taped matches & storyline segments on the road to the ‘WCW Capital Combat 1990’ PPV.

The card can be found below:

– Mark & Chris Youngblood vs. The Galaxian #1 & Scrub

– Eddie Gilbert vs. Samu

– Tom Zenk & Brian Pillman vs. Minnesota Wrecking Crew 2

WATCH: Charlotte Flair Grabs Bayley’s Bum:

• Kurt Angle Says His Role As RAW General Manager Worsened His Physical Condition, Almost Broke His Neck At WrestleMania 35

WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle recently did a Q&A session on his Facebook page and you can check out the highlights from it below:

Just like to say a big thank you for all the moments you help to create in you’re time in WWE, my will always be when you came out in the milk ? van, so what was you’re favourite moment that you always look back at? And you’re favourite baby face or heel?

“The milk truck was awesome, it was my favorite. But I loved doing all of the silly stuff I did, heel or baby. Battle Rapping with Cena, singing “Sexy Kurt”, doing many of the backstage videos with Stone Cold Steve Austin. I loved performing for the fans, even if it made me poke fun at myself. BUT, at the end of the day, it was the wrestling that I was most proud of. I had some real doozies. It’s damn true.”

What is your all time favorite WrestleMania moment? Thank you for your sacrifices over the years to entertain us.

“It’s tough. WM 19 Brock. 20 Eddie. 21 Shawn. 22 Rey and Randy. They were all special, but the match with Shawn could have very well been the greatest WM of all time. At least top 5.”

Do you think if you had wrestled Bret Hart both of you in your prime that would have surpassed the great matches you had with Shawn Taker Eddie Benoit etc? It would have been such a great match.

“I think that a match with Bret could have been just as good as the others, maybe even better, if that’s possible. I loved Bret’s style. I would have been able to mix it up with him.”

How did you feel about your last match Kurt?

“I felt it was a great match. Could it have been better? Maybe. But it was solid and I played my role in it.”

Do you have any regrets from your last run as a wrestler? I’m a Pittsburgh native and Pittsburgh is proud of your 20 year career!

“Yes, I wish I would have wrestled more when I came back in early 2017. I was wrestling really well then. Because of my inactivity of being GM, my body started to get arthritic. I got tighter, more sore, and less flexible than when I was active 2 years ago. In other words, the inactivity of not wrestling consistently led me to retirement a little faster. But, I can’t complain. I loved doing what I did in WWE.”

If you could have picked ANYONE to go up against in your farewell match at WrestleMania, who would it have been and why?

“Cena, Styles, or Rollins”

Did you know your neck was broken when you won the Olympics?

“Yes. I broke it one month prior. I couldn’t train very much but I got myself prepared for battle as much as I could.”

How were you able to pull the backflip again Kurt? Never thought I’d see that again.

“I almost didn’t make it…LOL. I skimmed my forehead on the mat before I landed on my stomach. Almost broke my neck…. again. ?”

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