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Kurt Angle Turned Down 3 Different Jobs Offered By WWE Last Year, Reason Behind It

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• Kurt Angle Turned Down 3 Different Jobs Offered By WWE Last Year, Reason Behind It

During a recent episode of his podcast, former WWF Champion Kurt Angle revealed that he was offered 3 different jobs by the WWE about one month after he was let go in April 2020 due to cost-cutting measures in the COVID-19 pandemic.

However, Angle turned all of them down because he wanted to focus on his own nutrition company.

Here’s what the WWE Hall Of Famer said:

“I wasn’t surprised, I knew when they were furloughing talent and employees I knew I’d be the first one, I was the last producer to be hired and I had the least amount of experience, even though I am who I am.

I’m not probably supposed to say this, but I was getting paid quite a bit more than the other producers. Thank god, it was kind of cool that Vince did that for me because I asked for a little bit more money so they granted me that. But that meant that if they were going to do furloughs, I was going to be the first one.

I wasn’t as experienced as the other guys and girls and I just knew I was going to be let go first. I wasn’t surprised by it, I actually texted Vince right away and said I understand why you did it. I understand because I’m inexperienced, making the most money and it just made sense.

They offered me a job a month later, a few different jobs. They offered me to coach in NXT, they offered me a job to manage Matt Riddle, they offered me a Legends contract. I turned down all 3 because of my new company – Physically Fit Nutrition.”

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