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8. Jim Ross Gives His Views On The Golden Truth – Gallows/Anderson Segment From Raw

As we noted before, former WWE Superstar Cody Rhodes wasn’t happy with this week’s Raw segment where Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson ripped the head off of a polka-dot themed teddy bear that Bayley gifted to Goldust in honor of the late great “American Dream” Dusty Rhodes.

You can watch the segment below:

WWE Hall of Famer “Superstar” Billy Graham isn’t happy with that segment either and posted a long note regarding it on his Facebook account.

Below is what WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross wrote about this segment during his recent blog entry:

“Cody Rhodes is upset that WWE used his late father’s TV persona re: polka dots in a ‘skit’ on RAW. For any of us to judge this is unwise because Dusty Rhodes was not our father plus many don’t know that the polka dots were not something of which Dream liked being reminded.

At the end of the day, most fans will likely and quickly forget the material that has caused his negative feeling.”

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