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Lady Hulk Wants To Join WWE

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Jackie Koorn, a 34-year-old fitness enthusiast from the Netherlands, known as ‘She Hulk’ or ‘Lady Hulk’ on Instagram, boasts impressive biceps, surpassing even WWE Hall of Famer Arnold Schwarzenegger according to her arm measurements of 27 inches. Despite drawing attention and sometimes stares in public due to her distinctive physique, Jackie aims to serve as a role model for women, fostering confidence and empowerment.

In an interview, Jackie expressed that being a source of inspiration for other women brings her a sense of fulfillment. Her journey into bodybuilding began during the COVID-19 pandemic when her kickboxing classes were canceled, leading her to embrace bodybuilding as an alternative. With a background in judo, football, and swimming from her childhood, Jackie strives to maintain ‘feminine curves’ while pursuing her muscular goals.

Despite encountering challenges, including unwanted attention from some men in the gym, Jackie remains self-assured and describes herself as a ‘powerhouse’. Her dedication to fitness reflects a shift in her athletic pursuits, showcasing resilience and determination in the face of adversity.

Jackie Koorn Lady-Hulk She-Hulk Flexing Biceps Muscles

She asserts that she transformed her weight from 69 to 158 kilograms (152 to 348 lbs) within a span of two years, with 70 percent of the increase attributed to pure muscle mass. She is capable of lifting 150 kilograms (330 lbs) and bench pressing 181 kilograms (400 lbs). However, these claims face skepticism on social media, with many questioning whether Jackie truly possesses a well-toned physique or if her weight gain is primarily fat despite being athletic. Nevertheless, one undeniable fact is that Jackie enjoys her fitness journey, and that is what matters most to her.

The determined athlete’s upcoming objective is to participate in a WWE match and deliver an impressive performance. It remains to be seen whether we will hear more about her achievements in the near future. Currently, she is predominantly recognized by audiences of reality shows and local professional wrestling events.

Jackie Koorn Lady-Hulk She-Hulk

Here’s what Jackie Koorn told ‘The Irish Sun’ newspaper:

“People stare at me in public all the time. I think some men are afraid of me. The men who have trained with me, seen me at work or in the ring, they might be.

But they also jokingly warn others ‘Don’t make her angry, she’ll grab you and she’s super strong’. I know I can come across as quite intimidating, which is why I also participate in wrestling shows. Inside, I have a good heart and would never harm anyone.

I often get asked if I want to lift men with a private session for money. I’ve also received messages asking if they can kiss my arms or request foot photos, and they mention paying for it.

I also receive marriage proposals, which I find quite intense. How can you just write in a message from a man to woman ‘I want to marry you’ as if it’s no big deal. I’m very traditional in that aspect and can’t relate to it.

While I appreciate the gesture and that they hold me in high regard, I kindly decline. I’m quite pragmatic about it.”

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