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Lanny Poffo Talks About Macho Man’s Hall Of Fame Induction

Macho Man is finally in the WWE Hall of Fame

Randy Savage to be inducted in Hall of Fame by Hulk Hogan

Lanny Poffo, the younger brother of 2015 WWE Hall of Famer Randy Savage, spoke with SportingNews & below are some highlights:

WWE finally inducting The Macho Man:
“I’ll tell you what — I was relieved. Now, I just feel relieved and all the fans are happy and now they’re going to have to find other things to complain about.”

Savage going in without the rest of his family:
“Randy had said before he died that he didn’t want to go into the Hall of Fame unless it was the Poffo family. And he got the idea from the Von Erich family. But I had an epiphany when I was 59 years old in that I’m the older brother now. Now, I get to make unpopular decisions. I’m not a Star Trek fanatic but the needs of the many far outweigh the needs of the few or the one. Randy loved the fans and so do I. And Randy not being in the Hall of Fame was a horrible thing to do to his fans.”

Hulk Hogan doing the induction:
“I think it’s fantastic that Hulk Hogan is going to get the opportunity to make a speech, and if he would like to make amends, that would be fine. But I think it’s good that Hulk has the opportunity. In a perfect world, Randy should be giving his own speech but whoever gives the speeches, I hope we do him justice.”

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