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Latest Update On John Cena’s Royal Rumble 2019 Status

John Cena Royal Rumble 2019

• Old School Wrestling Veteran Celebrates His Birthday

Old School NWA / WCW Veteran Kendall Windham (Real name: Kendell Windham) turns 51 today.

Kendall is the son of late WWE Hall of Famer Blackjack Mulligan and the brother of Old School WWF/NWA/WCW Legend Barry Windham.

A lot of you who watched WCW during the Monday Night Wars of the late 90s, will remember him as a member of Curt Hennig’s famous faction, The West Texas Rednecks.


• Latest Update On John Cena’s Royal Rumble 2019 Status

During a recent interview with Sports Illustrated, 16 time WWE World Heavyweight Champion John Cena was asked about his future in the WWE and below is what Cena said:

“It’s a giant relay race, and I’m in the phase where I’m handing the stick off. My time is up. Someone else’s time is now.”

Cena will be returning to WWE for Live Events at the end of this year and he’s even advertised for some RAW TV shows in 2019, but Cena noted that his upcoming return and matches won’t be televised.

Below is what Cena said during a recent interview with Toronto Sun:

“None of these shows are televised. I’m literally just doing it because I want to get back to a place I feel most comfortable and to working with people I can call my family. And I want to have some fun.”

It should be noted that Cena might not work the Royal Rumble 2019 PPV, which takes place on January 27, as he’ll begin shooting for another movie in Vancouver from January 20.

During a recent interview with ESPN, Cena revealed why he can’t wrestle in WWE while filming a movie:

“The biggest difficulty is trying to juggle stuff because I have learned, and I’m trying to fight this system but I’m losing, once you’re in production for a movie, they don’t allow you to wrestle. Because I can’t go to a WWE taping and have my nose put over here.

Not only doesn’t it look good, it’s, ‘Man, you don’t look right.’ So they shut the whole movie down, there are 150 people that are expecting a paycheck for that movie and I just screwed them out of their wage. It ups the budget of the movie, so I just put the movie behind the eight ball of possibly being a financial success.”

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