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Legendary WWF Manager Explains How He Came Up With His Gimmick

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• Legendary WWF Manager Explains How He Came Up With His Gimmick

On a recent episode of his weekly ‘Something To Wrestle With’ podcast, legendary Old School WWF Manager Brother Love (Bruce Prichard) talked about the origins of his gimmick.

Here’s what Prichard said:

“It was pretty simple. I had this thing in my head about being a televangelist of sorts and having it based on all those that were doing it, and the guy it was probably based on the most was Robert Tilton.

When you looked at everything, we didn’t do religion, we did love. Looking for a name, it was Brother whatever the f**k and I was like, well, I should be Brother something or another. They’ve got fathers, sisters, aunts, uncles, and all this other bullsh*t, I’ll brother and the first name should be Brother.

So, since I didn’t talk religion and did love, I became Brother Love because I spread the word of love.”

The Brother Love gimmick lasted from 1988 until 1991, but was brought back for one-night-only appearances a few times.

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• Old School WWF Legend Celebrates His Birthday

Famous 80s World Wrestling Federation Superstar Ken Patera turns 78 today.

Before his Professional Wrestling career, Ken Patera was an Olympic Weightlifter, who also competed in Strongman competitions.

Patera wrestled for various territories during the 70s & 80s, such as the World Wrestling Federation (WWF), Jim Crockett Promotions (NWA Mid-Atlantic) and the American Wrestling Association (AWA).

Ken is mostly remembered for his two WWF stints during the Golden Era, when he wrestled for Vince McMahon Jr.’s promotion from 1984 to 1985 and then again from 1987 till 1988.

He’s still considered one of the legitimately strongest Professional Wrestlers ever in the history of the business.


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