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Legendary WWF Name Reveals He Almost Died The Night Before WrestleMania 14

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Below are some top WWE news stories of the day, involving Earl Hebner and Jason Sensation.

• During an interview with Steve Fall of Wrestlingnewsco, legendary WWF referee Earl Hebner revealed that he almost died of a brain aneurysm the night before WrestleMania 14.

Here’s what Hebner said:

“In 1998, I was in Boston, Massachusetts and I had a brain aneurysm the day before WrestleMania. That night, I was drinking beer with The Undertaker, and I had a big pain in my head, and I said ‘something ain’t right’.

Anyway. He took me to the New England Medical Center, and those people saved my life.

I owe Boston everything. I never made WrestleMania that year, but when we went back down the road, I went there and must’ve taken 50 people in the ICU to the show. They helped me, they stayed with me, and took good care of me, so I could make it. That was awesome.”

• Jason Sensation, known for his comedic impressions during the WWF Attitude Era, is facing double bypass heart surgery.

Originally scheduled for Tuesday, the procedure was postponed due to an emergency 10-hour surgery on another patient.

Sensation, who has survived two previous heart attacks and a car accident, remains positive and grateful for fan support and medical care. Despite the delay, he looks forward to spending Christmas at home.

Sensation gained fame in the WWF, notably with D-Generation X when they did parodies on The Nation of Domination and The Corporation in 1998, and continued wrestling on the independent scene until 2011.

He posted the following video messages on Twitter:

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