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Legends Will Also Be A Part Of WWE Superstar Spectacle

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• Legends Will Also Be A Part Of WWE Superstar Spectacle

WWE Superstar Spectacle is an event that WWE has produced for its Indian audience and it will air in India on January 26 (which is India’s Republic Day).

For those who don’t know, India is WWE’s largest market in terms of audience. 50 Million Indians watch RAW and SmackDown every week and WrestleMania events get a total viewership of about 100 million.

During a recent appearance on Extraaa Innings, WWE Hall of Famer Triple H revealed that 10 Indian wrestlers will compete at this upcoming event, that will also feature current WWE Superstars and Legends.

Here’s what The Game said:

“WWE Superstar Spectacle is going to be historic. This is such an amazing night. The first-ever event that WWE will produce specifically for our Indian fan base, and what I mean by that is it’s specifically for you.

It will include a large amount of integrated Indian culture into the show. It will have our biggest and best talent. We’re able to partner with Sony, our incredible partners there in India to produce a spectacle like that and it’s very exciting.

You add our biggest WWE Superstars with all the action that they bring, all the excitement, all the drama, all the family-friendly entertainment we bring to the table and now you add to that, 10 Indian performers that we’ve never had before.

This shows the incredible success that we have had there in the last few years and the progress that we have made. Having those 10 Superstars from India integrating with our WWE Superstars that everyone in India loves so much plus including the culture and there will be a lot of surprises. I think everybody there in India will absolutely love the Superstar Spectacle.

In addition to seeing 10 amazing Indian talent, many of which you’ve never seen before, you’re going to get to see some of the biggest stars in the WWE. The New Day will be there, AJ Styles, Charlotte Flair, Rey Mysterio, you’re gonna have some legends, you’re gonna have so many talents there, including WWE Champion Drew McIntyre.”

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