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Lio Rush Shoots On Finn Balór For Not Denying Rumors Of Heat Between Them, Balor Responds

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• Lio Rush Shoots On Finn Balór For Not Denying Rumors Of Heat Between Them

Former WWE wrestler Lio Rush took to Twitter to shoot on NXT wrestler Finn Balór for not denying rumors of heat between them, when Rush asked him to do so.

There was a report last year which stated that Rush wanted to travel with his wife everywhere while working for WWE. It was reported that Finn Balór advised Rush that Vince McMahon wouldn’t be happy with Rush taking his wife everywhere with the roster, especially to rehearsals. Then rumors of heat between them began after Rush didn’t listen to Balór.

A year later, Rush called out Balór on Twitter and wrote the following:

“Let’s nip this in the bud. I never had any beef with @FinnBalor. I texted you and told you I didn’t know where this story even came from and your words exactly were ‘I don’t want to say anything about it publicly because it would draw more attention to the situation’…. welp

And then i told you @FinnBalor I’d appreciate it if you diffused the situation because i thought we were cool from the times your now wife watched my son at live events. I knew you had the power/influence to do that. You never texted me back & you never diffused the story. Why?

Some of y’all are weird af man. But it doesn’t surprise me. I see the kind of people y’all support in this industry on a daily faithfully.”

Balór then replied the following to Rush:

“Lio, ive always been very fond of you, both in and out of the ring. As I told you before, there is no heat. I choose to live life in reality,& not worry about what people make up online. I’m only tweeting this because I know it’s important to you, if you want to talk, call me x”

Rush then replied the following:

“Hate that it had to get to this point. You know that I’ve always had the upmost respect for you. But I had to live with the tarnish & backlash on my name for being disrespectful for the past 2 years. I appreciate our conversation more than you’ll ever know. Thank you?? @FinnBalor”

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