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Liv Morgan Got Real Close To Dominik Mysterio On RAW (Video)

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Women’s World Champion Liv Morgan kicked off tonight’s RAW and said she did what no other woman on this roster could do – take out Rhea Ripley. Liv also claimed that she sent Becky Lynch into early retirement.

Liv said the cherry on top of all these things was kissing Dominik Mysterio.

Dirty Dom came out and tried to talk, but the fans booed loudly. Dom asked Liv what kind of game she’s playing and fans chanted “you suck”.

Dom said when Mami comes back, she’s going to kill Liv. Liv said Rhea is probably going to kill Dominik too. Liv then promised that she’ll make it all worth it to Dom.

Liv said she truly meant it when she told Rhea that she wants to take everything away from her, and that included Dominik.

Morgan came real close to Dominik and started touching him, which led to Finn Balor stopping her. Finn said Dom doesn’t want anything from Liv. Liv questioned what if Dominik does want her.

Liv agreed to back off and touched Dominik’s hair before leaving.

You can watch it below:

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