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Long Awaited Match Finally Happening At SummerSlam 2018, MVP Recalls Kicking Out Of The Undertaker’s Chokeslam Because The Great Khali Messed Up


• MVP Recalls Kicking Out Of The Undertaker’s Chokeslam Because The Great Khali Messed Up

During a recent interview with Chris Van Vliet, former WWE Superstar MVP talked about why he is not a fan of intergender wrestling, hating his entrance theme, if he’ll return to WWE, kicking out of The Undertaker’s Chokeslam & more.

Below are the highlights:

On why he is not a fan of intergender wrestling:

“Intergender wrestling has become real popular and I’m not a fan of it because I come from a different school of thought in pro wrestling. There are two schools of thought it seems. If you are a fan of intergender wrestling then you look at pro wrestling as scripted entertainment, comic book stuff. And if you played Mortal Kombat or one of those video games, Chun Li could whoop your a$$. But if we’re doing suspension of disbelief, there’s not very many women on the planet that can beat me in combat if we’re grappling.

There are some female grapplers that can catch that joint or they’ll catch that choke and you’ll tap. But not if I can punch them and not if I can kick them and that kind of changes things. If you approach pro wrestling the way I do which is this is simulated combat and we’re trying to make the fans forget that it’s predetermined, you can’t do that when you’re watching a grown a$$ man and a woman do really cool stuff.”

On hating his WWE entrance theme:

“I always hated that theme. I never liked that theme. As a matter of fact, I remember the first time they gave it to me I took it home and I listened to it and I was like it’s alright. They then called me and told me Vince wanted to talk to me in the arena. So I went out by the ring and he was like ‘Yeah, come over here MVP let’s listen to your music.’ They played it in the arena and Vince was very ‘unrhythmically’ bopping to it and he goes ‘What do you think?’ so I said ‘If you like it, I love it boss.'”

On if he wants to return to WWE:

“Put it this way, I’ll return when CM Punk returns. No. I’m as busy as I want to be. I don’t want a full time schedule in WWE. I always said I’d be out when I’m 45. I’ll be 45 in October, but I still feel good so I think I think I got a couple of years left in me. So I think I’ll just take it year to year. If you’re a fan of professional wrestling especially on the indie scene you see guys that were heroes once upon a time and they stay in the game too long and then they become caricatures of themselves. When it gets to a point where I can’t perform at a level that I feel is adequate then I’m done at that point. I’ve always said that I want to walk away I don’t want to limp away. I’m starting to limp now so the time is near.”

On kicking out of The Undertaker’s Chokeslam because of The Great Khali:

“Well let’s put it like this somebody was supposed to make a save and they weren’t there. I heard this little growl ‘kick out.’ So I kicked out of the chokeslam because somebody else f***ed up. The Not-So-Great-Khali was supposed to make the save. He had no clue what was going on. He was just disinterested. He would do that from time to time.”

• Long Awaited Match Finally Happening At SummerSlam 2018

WWE has been teasing a Sasha Banks vs. Bayley match for months now. The heat between the two keeps increasing every week. The feud got more intense as we were getting closer to Extreme Rules and it seemed like the two rivals would finally face off at the event. But the match was not announced on RAW which means that WWE is holding the match so that it can take place at a bigger stage.

WWE is advertising another counseling session for Banks and Bayley for which they will report to GM Kurt Angle next week on RAW. Previously, it was speculated that the match would be on for Extreme Rules.

But now, it seems certain that it will take place at SummerSlam 2018, the stage WWE has been looking for.

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