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1. Major Heat On Raw Star, Gets Kicked Out Off Tour Bus By Roman Reigns

About to Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer, there’s major backstage heat on Raw wrestler Enzo Amore. Meltzer revealed that there was an incident a weeks back on a WWE tour bus where Enzo ended up being kicked out of the bus by Roman Reigns.

Enzo was then given the “Miz Treatment” where he wasn’t allowed to dress in the locker room (The Miz was given the same punishment by Chris Benoit back in 2007 and that’s why it’s called “Miz Treatment”).

Meltzer also noted that Enzo’s former tag team partner, Big Cass, also has backstage heat in WWE. However, it’s nowhere near to the heat that Enzo has. The reason behind Cass’ heat is that he’s a strong supporter of Donald Trump and many wrestlers don’t share his views. However, Big Cass’ push won’t be affected by what other wrestlers think about him.

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