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Major Name Not Appearing At WrestleMania 34? Update On When Daniel Bryan’s WWE Contract Is Set To Expire, WCCW Veteran Talks About Giving Steve Austin His First Break In Wrestling


Update On When Daniel Bryan’s WWE Contract Is Set To Expire

During a recent interview with AV Club, Ring of Honor Wrestling COO Joe Koff was asked about retired WWE wrestler Daniel Bryan possibly returning to ROH after his WWE deal expires.

Koff noted that Bryan’s WWE contract expires in September 2018 and below is what he said:

“I’m not gonna give you odds, I wouldn’t even know how to set those. Bryan’s under contract with the WWE, from what I understand, until September 2018. If he chooses not to renew that contract, and he is able to wrestle from a health standpoint, I would welcome him. It would be a triumphant return.

I think we would be the right place for him, the right fan appreciation, the right respect from the industry plus management plus everybody. But there’s so many variables in that. Even though it’s not far away, a year in wrestling is a long period of time. But he is more than welcomed to come back and I would love to have him on our roster.”

WCCW Veteran Talks About Giving Steve Austin His First Break In Wrestling

During a recent appearance on The Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling, WCCW Veteran “Flamboyant” Eric Embry talked about giving Old School WWF Legend “Stone Cold” Steve Austin his first break in Wrestling. Below is what he said:

“Chris Adams wanted to start a school. Chris was a money making son of a gun and he wasn’t afraid to work and he came to me with this idea to start a school at the Sportatorium and I thought it was a cool idea so the next time Jerry Jarrett came in I hooked those two guys up so they could discuss the business agreement for it.

We did Channel 11 TV on Saturday morning that played in Ft. Worth and Dallas on Saturday night so at one of those TV tapings, Chris came up to me and said he had this guy he wanted me to look at in his school. I went up to the Crow’s nest in the Sportatorium and watched Steve in the school for two-three minutes (not long) but Steve had what everybody calls the “it factor”.

After he had been in the school for two or three months I had kept asking Adams when can we start using that Austin guy? Chris kept saying he wasn’t ready yet but Chris was also milking him for that money Steve was paying him every week. Finally I told Chris that it is real simple and it is either he talks to Steve and you hook him up with me to come to work or I go to Steve and talk to him and offer him a job.

He understood and we met with Steve and Steve started working. Austin and Cactus Jack both have thanked me for getting them on the radar and putting them on the map because I was the first person that had enough confidence in them to put them out there and put them on TV. Now I had no idea that Austin would go as far as he went but I knew he would be special.”

Major Name Not Appearing At WrestleMania 34?

As we noted before, SunSport reported that WWE officials are in talks with UFC Lightweight Champion Conor McGregor for an appearance at next year’s WrestleMania 34.

During an appearance on Good Day New York on FOX, UFC President Dana White shut those rumors down. Here’s what Dana said: “It’s not true. It’s absolutely not true.”

White was then asked to show the text message conversation he had with Vince McMahon and below is how it went down:

Vince: News to me.

Dana: I figured. You guys are always great with talking to me.

Vince: Anytime. Although, it may be good someday, but not now.

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