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Major Spoiler Regarding WWE Title Match At Extreme Rules 2018

Rusev Extreme Rules 2018

• Stone Cold Reveals The Problem With Fans Using The “What?” Chant Today

During a recent edition of the Steve Austin Show podcast, former 6 time WWF Champion & WWE Hall of Famer “Stone Cold” Steve Austin discussed what’s wrong with fans using the “What?” chant today.

Below is what Austin said:

“I never knew the ‘What?’ chant would stick around as long as it’s stuck around. It can really mess with a guys’ or girls’ rhythm, what they are really trying to say. Sometimes they can get flustered. Sometimes that ‘What?’ chant could really be overwhelming, and you think people aren’t paying attention to what you’re saying, and sometimes on a really strong, heart-felt promo is happening, they’ll start with that ‘What?’ chant.

The audience is missing out what the wrestler’s saying, so sometimes you gotta time that ‘What?’ chant when there’s some bullsh*t going on and you gotta be able to listen to a real deal promo so you know what’s going on in the story. I feel for ya, and I feel for when they’re trying to cut a good promo. It interrupts your rhythm, plain and simple.”

• Major Spoiler Regarding WWE Title Match At Extreme Rules 2018

As seen on last week’s episode of SmackDown Live, Rusev won a Gauntlet match to become the new #1 contender for the WWE Championship and earned a match against AJ Styles at Extreme Rules 2018.

To the disappointment of Rusev’s fans, Rusev getting over with his ‘Rusev Day’ gimmick and doing great merchandise sales isn’t going to help him get the WWE Title at the moment.

According to Brad Shepard, Rusev taking on Styles is just a ‘filler feud’ until SummerSlam 2018 is here and Styles gets a major storyline at the biggest event of the Summer.

Rusev isn’t expected to capture the WWE Championship at Extreme Rules 2018.

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