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7. Old School Referee Recalls Ric Flair Having An Accident In His Tights During A Match, Being Kicked Out Of WWE’s Backstage Area

During a recent appearance on the Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling podcast, Old School referee Tommy Young recalled Ric Flair having an accident in his tights during a match with Ricky Steamboat, being kicked out of WWE’s backstage area & more. Below are the highlights:

On Ric Flair having an accident in his tights during a match with Ricky Steamboat:

“If you watched a Flair/Steamboat match, they rarely went home before the 40 minute time mark. These guys always wrestled for a good while and sometimes they’d go 45-50 minutes. There was a situation one time where Flair had an accident and he ate too close to the matches and I don’t want to get too graphic because I have talked about this before but I think we’ve all had a situation in our life where we couldn’t hold our load so to speak (laughing) and had an accident in our britches, it has happened to me and on this particular night it happened to Ric and we were in a SOLD OUT Charlotte Coliseum and about 12,000 people in there and it wasn’t like: “OH! Gotta go, gotta go.” They went another 7-8 minuets and needless to say things didn’t smell too good but it was a bad situation and the only time that it ever happened.”

On being kicked out of WWE’s backstage area:

“I stopped by while they were setting up and “Robby” my old buddy Charles Robinson who is working for them right now got me in. It is different now, when they set up a show they’ve got like 20 trucks out there and the equipment they use now is unbelievable. When they used to come to Charlotte I could walk in and out of there and even had walked into an interview and they didn’t get upset with me but this particular time he had to get me in and he had to get me a pass. I just wanted to say hello to some of the agents and they were really the only guys that I still knew.

This big bald guy comes up in a suit and we didn’t pay any attention to it and he asked to speak to me and the next thing I know he is walking me out and taking my backstage pass and when I asked what he was doing, he said he wanted me out and this guy just wanted me out. I thought he was one of the guys at first and he walked me out and I had no idea what the hell was going on. That hurt my feelings and that is something I will never forget.”

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