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6. Ken Shamrock Reveals Who Made Him A Better Wrestler, Reason Behind Talking Smack Being Cancelled

Ken Shamrock Reveals Who Made Him A Better Wrestler

During a recent appearance on Scoop B Radio, WWF Attitude Era Veteran & UFC Hall of Famer Ken Shamrock talked about working with The Rock in 1998 and how “The Great One” made him a better wrestler. Below is what he said:

“Working with him, I became a better wrestler because there was so much knowledge from his father, from the family, and from him that I was able to pick up through wrestling. His mic skills, the way he played his character, I got to learn quite a bit in that area from him by working with him. He was a tremendous talent. You see him now in the movies. He was definitely one of those gems. I got to be able to work a program with him for a year or so and that was precious times. You get opportunities like that, you have to learn. You got to be grabbing things from these people. I don’t care how good you become in anything, you always are going to learn. You should always be trying to learn. I was really blessed to have those opportunities. The Rock was definitely one of my highlights to be able to work with him in the ring and learn from him.”

Reason Behind Talking Smack Being Cancelled

WWE has decided to cancel the weekly Talking Smack show on the WWE Network. It will now only air after the SmackDown Live exclusive PPVs. Below is what WWE posted:

“We continuously review WWE Network’s programming line-up based on a variety of factors, including viewership and subscriber research. Talking Smack and Raw Talk will air following pay-per-view events, and Tuesday will continue to feature 205 Live.”

While the general belief is that the show was cancelled due to low viewership, but Sports Illustrated is reporting that Vince McMahon cancelled the show due to it being unscripted and it’s not good for the company to air it on a weekly basis.

Below is what the show hosts Daniel Bryan & Renee Young said about this:

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