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Major Update Regarding Sister Abigail Gimmick, Former UFC Fighter Signs With WWE

Bray Wyatt WWE Champion & Husky Harris

Major Update Regarding Sister Abigail Gimmick

On this week’s episode of Raw, former WWE Champion “The Eater of Worlds” Bray Wyatt revealed during his promo that Sister Abigail is alive and that she’s dying to meet his rival, the former Universal Champion Finn Balor. You can watch it below:

There’s been a lot of speculation going on regarding who’ll be revealed as Sister Abigail and rumor going on is that it could be NXT wrestler Sage Beckett (who also competed in the recent Mae Young Classic tournament).

However, that isn’t the case. Pro Wrestling Sheet is reporting that Sister Abigail gimmick wouldn’t be played by any female wrestler, but that it’s going to be the alter ego of Bray Wyatt (similar to The Demon King being the alter ego of Finn Balor).

The Sister Abigail gimmick would see Wyatt dressed in a different outfit and this gimmick would debut at TLC 2017 PPV.

Former UFC Fighter Signs With WWE

Below is what WWE announced:

“Shayna Baszler already made history as a finalist in the inaugural WWE Mae Young Classic. Now, The Queen of Spades is ready to embark on her new career in WWE as an official member of the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Fla.

Baszler, a former UFC fighter originally from Sioux City, S.D., began training full-time at the Performance Center last week.

“I’m looking forward to getting out there and twisting limbs off and breaking bodies,” she told WWE.com. “I can’t wait. It’s very serious to me and, in some ways, a lot more important [than MMA] based on where I come from,” Baszler said.

“Waving the banner of my coaches is a heavy flag to wield, so it’s something I take very serious. Because of that, I wanted to start at the beginning and show that I’m willing to start at the bottom and prove myself and work my way up, so there’s no excuse when I get here and I’m breaking these girls in half. I didn’t get any ‘gimmes.’””

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