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Mandy Rose Accuses WWE Of Holding Her Down, Paige Responds

Mandy Rose

• Old School WWF Veteran Celebrates His Birthday

Old School WWF Veteran Al Snow (Real name: Allen Sarven) celebrates his 56th birthday today.

After short stints in ECW & SMW, Al Snow joined the World Wrestling Federation in 1995, where he worked under a mask as “Avatar” & “Shinobi”, before he became “Leif Cassidy”, one half of ‘The New Rockers’ with his Tag Team partner Marty Jannetty, who was famous for teaming with Shawn Michaels from 1988 till 1991 as the original ‘Rockers’.

Shawn Michaels’ shoes were a little bit too big to fill, so in the fall of 1997, Al Snow was sent back to Paul Heyman’s Extreme Championship Wrestling, where he came up with bringing a mannequin head with him to the ring, that was simply known as “Head”.

In 1998, Al Snow & Head were brought back to the WWF at the peak of the Attitude Era, where Al made a name for himself and is now remembered as one of the most famous mid-carders from that era, including winning the Hardcore Title, European Title & Tag Team Title in the process.


• Mandy Rose Accuses WWE Of Holding Her Down, Paige Responds

SmackDown Superstar Mandy Rose is accusing WWE of holding her down.

You can check out a recent Twitter exchange between Bayley, Mandy Rose and Paige below:

WATCH: Close Up Of Mandy Rose’s Buns:

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