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Mark Henry On What Forced WWE To Put The World Title On Him

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During a recent interview on the ‘A to Z’ podcast, WWF Legend Mark Henry revealed why WWE decided to put the World Heavyweight Championship on him in 2011.

According to the World’s Strongest Man, the loyal fans sort of forced WWE to finally make him the champion, after years of him coming short in World Title matches.

Here’s what Mark Henry said:

“The whole point of me winning was based off like a whole career of not politicking to be the guy. It got to the point to where every time I lost, the crowd would say, ‘Bullsh*t, no that ain’t right,’ and then they ended up having to do the right thing. My career forced them to do the right thing.”

He then let us know what Vince McMahon’s exact words to him were, before the big title win at the ‘WWE Night of Champions 2011’ PPV, where he beat Randy Orton to become champion:

“Well, I guess, since the crowd turns on us every time you lose, I guess you’re going over tonight.”

You can watch Henry’s World Heavyweight Title victory below:

The former professional powerlifting champion, weightlifting champion & strongman champion joined the World Wrestling Federation in 1996 and stayed with the company (renamed WWE in May 2002) until he left in 2021 and joined Tony Khan’s All Elite Wrestling, where he still has yet to wrestle his first match there.

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