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Martha Hart Explains Why She’ll Never Allow WWE To Induct Owen Hart In Their ‘Garbage’ Hall Of Fame

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• Old School Wrestling Legend Would Have Celebrated His Birthday

Today would have been the 69th birthday of Old School NWA/WWF/WCW Legend “Dirty” Dick Slater (Real name: Richard Van Slater).

Dick Slater wrestled for several territories in the 60s, 70s, 80s & 90s, until he had to retire following a back injury in 1996.

He’s most famous for working for the World Wrestling Federation in 1986 & 1987 and for Ted Turner’s World Championship Wrestling from 1991 till the end of his career in 1996.


May 19, 1951 – October 18, 2018

• Martha Hart Explains Why She’ll Never Allow WWE To Induct Owen Hart In Their ‘Garbage’ Hall Of Fame

Martha Hart has been promoting tonight’s episode of Dark Side Of The Ring on her late husband, Owen Hart.

She was recently interviewed by CBS Sports, where she revealed why she’ll never allow WWE to put Owen in their Hall Of Fame.

Below is what she said:

“There’s always been this talk that, ‘Oh, we want to put Owen in the Hall of Fame’. Their Hall of Fame? They don’t even have a Hallway of Fame. It doesn’t exist. There’s nothing. It’s a fake entity. There’s nothing real or tangible.

It’s just an event they have to make money. They put it on TV and have a celebration, and it’s just so ridiculous. I would never even entertain it. It’s garbage.”

She said that she has chosen to honor Owen by running a foundation on his name instead, and has forgiven Vince McMahon for her husband’s death:

“At the end of it all, I’ve forgiven all of them, really. The Hart family, Vince McMahon, I don’t hold any grudges. I hope life has been kind to all of them. My life hasn’t been easy, and I certainly wouldn’t wish harm on anyone.

Some damage in life is irreparable. You can’t fix it. It’s done. Again, you can forgive people, but it doesn’t mean you have to befriend them and be associated with them.

At the same time, I don’t wish them any harm, and I hope their lives turned out well. That’s the casualties of war. They made their choices and have to live with them.”

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