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Martha Hart (Owen Hart’s Widow) Responds To Bret Hart’s Recent Comments About Martha Erasing Owen’s Memories

Owen Hart

During a recent appearance on CBS’ In This Corner podcast, WWE Hall of Famer Bret Hart talked about Owen Hart’s widow (Martha Hart) erasing his brother’s memory, what it would mean to him and his family to have Owen Hart in the WWE Hall of Fame and more.

Below are the highlights:

On Owen Hart’s widow erasing his brother’s memory:

“I think Martha, Owen’s widow she’s a very obtuse, square-headed person. I think she’s done more to erase my brother Owen’s memory than she ever did to remember him. I think it really bothers me that the fans that loved Owen so much didn’t get a chance to remember him. You do these kind of things for people are here, left to remember them.”

On what it would mean to him and his family to have Owen Hart in the WWE Hall of Fame:

“I mean Owen, it would never matter to him if he was in the Hall Of Fame but I think that you know it would mean a lot to different family members in my family. I know Mark Henry as an example gave a strong speech or talk this year about getting Owen into the Hall Of Fame and I totally agree.

It’s like Owen was one of the nicest, kindest, most adored wrestlers for his kindness. Like he’s not remembered for his high-flying. He might be remembered for his practical jokes but more importantly, Owen was remembered for the kinda guy he was. Being a real friend to a lot of people when they were struggling and had problems or got depressed or got bummed out about being away from home all the time. Owen was one of those guys that you know almost like magic he could pick your spirits up and make you smile or something and get you through the day.

When I think of what Owen gave to wrestling and how important I think it would be important to be in the Hall Of Fame. It would be important to my dad and to me for Owen to be in the Hall Of Fame because I don’t think it’s quite the same the same without him. You can leave Dynamite Kid out of it, you can leave so many great wrestlers out of it, but why are you leaving him out of it?”

Martha Hart responded to Bret’s comments by issuing the following statement to Markets Insider:

“The suggestion by Bret Hart that I am “erasing” the memory of my late husband, Owen Hart, is reckless, irresponsible, and clearly untrue.

Bret’s comments are rooted in the fact that I have steadfastly refused to work with the WWE to exploit Owen’s image for commercial gain. Owen was an incredible entertainer and I know that his many fans around the world enjoyed his wrestling career immensely. I encourage them to continue to do so. But I am firm in my belief that the WWE was responsible for Owen’s death. As a result, I cannot and will not support any efforts by the WWE to profit from Owen’s memory.

Instead, I, my son Oje and daughter Athena have worked tirelessly to honor Owen through the good works of The Owen Hart Foundation, which has exceeded $4 million in gift giving and contributions toward scholarships, home owner bursaries, and other special projects that have greatly improved the lives of so many in Canada and around the world. We have always believed that this is the most fitting public tribute to a man of profound integrity; a wonderful human being who just happened to wrestle. I know that Owen would be very proud of the tremendous accomplishments the Foundation has achieved in his name.

Bret Hart’s comments are disrespectful and cruel. It is disappointing that so many in the media have chosen to report them without seeking my perspective. Whatever Bret may believe, the fact is that, far from “erasing” Owen’s memory, I have devoted the last 20 years to celebrating his life in a very public way. I can think of very few people who have been remembered so glowingly by their spouse.”

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