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Matt Hardy Gives An Update On Jeff Hardy After Injury On AEW Rampage

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After Wednesday’s Dynamite went off the air, All Elite Wrestling taped this week’s AEW Rampage.

Jeff Hardy lost to Sammy Guevara in a No DQ match at this taping. This was Hardy’s 4th straight loss in singles competition.

Hardy got hurt during this match, as Guevara’s knee landed on Jeff’s face during a Shooting Star Press.

You can watch it below:

Below is another angle:

On his podcast, Matt Hardy revealed that Jeff suffered a broken nose for the first time ever in his career:

“It looks like the Sammy Guevara – Hardy curse is real and it lives on. We thought it ended in 2020, but it picked right back up in February 2024.

They were having a hell of a match. It’s going to air on Rampage tonight. There’s a point where Sammy does a move and his knee catches Jeff in the face. It definitely rocked Jeff and Jeff for sure has a broken nose. That’s all we really know.

They’re still going to have him undergo some more testing to find out what his total injury is or would be, but right now, at a minimum, it’s a broken nose.

We traveled together. We were on the same flight and we flew home. He was in great spirits. It’s funny because he’s never broken his nose before, which is insane to think about.

Most pro wrestlers, breaking your nose is a pretty standard thing. It happens at some point, especially if you’ve wrestled for three decades like we have.

I felt so bad for him because he had a nice nose and now it’s all crooked and jimmied like mine is now. So welcome to the broken nose club, brother.”

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