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Matt Hardy Is In Tremendous Shape Ahead Of Rumored WWE Return (Photo)

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Fans speculate that WWF Tag Team Legend Matt Hardy, currently a free agent, might factor into Bo Dallas’ anticipated WWE return as Uncle Howdy, signaled by emerging QR code clues on WWE TV.

Recent RAW & SmackDown episodes intrigued fans with deliberate glitches and eerie music, setting a mysterious tone. This continued on social media with cryptic tweets swiftly deleted, and similar glitches and music on SmackDown.

This week’s RAW saw Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods entering a #1 contenders triple threat match for the new World Tag Team Championship, accompanied by another glitch displaying a QR code leading to overlapping message files. Though unconfirmed, these clues suggest Uncle Howdy’s return to WWE programming, as teased during the recent Bray Wyatt documentary.

Adding complexity, Matt Hardy shared a clip of the glitch and QR code, fueling speculation about his role in the unfolding narrative.

Matt posted another tease later:

Amid speculation of his WWE return, Matt revealed on X that he is in tremendous shape right now.

Here’s what he posted:

“April 19th, 2024, 206 lbs – Haven’t intentionally been trying, but it seems like I’m adding some new muscle.”

Matt Hardy Physique 206 lbs pounds April 2024

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