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Matt Hardy Reveals Who Is The Hulk Hogan Of AEW

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• Matt Hardy Reveals Who Is The Hulk Hogan Of AEW

ROH World Champion Chris Jericho recently signed a 3-year contract extension with AEW.

Y2J is now under contract with Tony Khan’s promotion till December 2025.

He also has more backstage duties now. Along with being a Mentor for the young talent, he will also serve as a Producer and Creative Advisor in All Elite Wrestling from now on.

On his podcast, fellow WWF Veteran & current AEW Superstar Matt Hardy praised Jericho and called him the Hulk Hogan of All Elite Wrestling.

Below is what Hardy said:

“I just think Chris Jericho is so multi-talented, and he understands how to do sports entertainment. He understands how to do wrestling.

He understands character work, if you’re a Danhausen type, how to portray that and optimize it and get the most out of it.

He understands if you’re a very serious wrestler like Bryan Danielson, he realizes how to get the most out of that.

That’s something I think is hugely beneficial because you have a lot of guys that are great wrestling minds, but they only did one gig. I feel like when you’ve done so many different gigs, and you’ve been serious, you’ve been able to create drama, you’ve been able to create comedy, you’ve been able to draw money, and you know what you have to do to make something work, I feel like Chris is the epitome of that.

Chris Jericho is the same as Hulk Hogan was whenever WCW got hot. I mean, he was the guy the people know, probably the biggest household name they could get their hands on and just super beneficial.

I mean, Chris Jericho goes down in the conversation as one of the GOATs without a doubt. I mean, he’s one of my close, dearest friends as well.

You know, he is just so amazing, and the fact he’s been able to keep himself in that top position for so long is a credit to how talented he is.”

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