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Matt Hardy Turns Heel & Becomes TNA World Champion Again, Important News Regarding Daniel Bryan’s WWE Career, Kurt Angle on CM Punk’s UFC Debut

Let us take a look at top 7 stories of the hour from the world of Professional Wrestling:

7. Matt Hardy Turns Heel & Wins TNA World Heavyweight Championship Again
On last night’s episode of TNA Impact Wrestling, Tyrus turned on Ethan Carter III and helped Matt Hardy become the TNA World Heavyweight Champion again. This was Matt Hardy’s heel turn and EC3’s first official loss in TNA.

After the match, Hardy injured EC3 (kayfabe) with a chair shot to the head.

6. “He’s a great pro-wrestler, but fighting is a different story” – Kurt Angle on CM Punk in UFC

During a recent interview with Digital Spy, former WWE Champion & TNA Hall of Famer Kurt Angle had the following to say regarding former WWE Champion CM Punk’s UFC debut:

“You don’t know how he’s going to do. CM is a fighter – I’ve heard he is training the right way, but you don’t know what you’re going to get. But he will draw, he will draw, and we’ll see how he does.

He says he’s a young 37 years of age, but with all the bumping he’s been through… I know how my body feels! I wouldn’t say he is a young 37, I think that he’s a beat-up 37, but he has been able to take the year off – that’s going to help. I just don’t know how good he is. I know he’s training, but I don’t know how good he is as a fighter. He’s a great pro-wrestler, but fighting is a different story.”

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