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Matt Riddle Had Heat With WWE For Going Off Script (Details)

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Matt Riddle was released by WWE last week as part of the cuts the company was making following its merger with UFC earlier this month.

Most of the talents WWE let go weren’t being used on television.  Although Riddle was being used on television quite often, he was apparently let go due to his real life issues and making some people unhappy backstage.

The former United States Champion’s downfall in WWE began when he was forced back into being a singles star after Randy Orton got injured last year and had to be written off WWE programming in May 2022.

Orton underwent Lower Back Fusion surgery last year and hasn’t been seen in the ring since then.

Riddle discussed Orton’s back issues in one of his interviews on television, which was not what WWE had planned for him.

The Wrestling Observer reports that he had heat with WWE management due to it.

He went off script and put over Orton when talking about how much pain The Viper was in during the final days of RK-Bro and before the injury angle was shot. While praised for the promo going behind the scenes and being real, it was not what was scripted for him.

Besides this, Riddle violated WWE’s Wellness Policy last year on two occasions and was sent into rehab for several months. After his return on the RAW after WrestleMania 39, WWE did not seem to have any big plans for him and the only notable thing he did after his return was feuding with GUNTHER for the Intercontinental Championship.

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