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Matt Riddle Throws Shade At WWE After Surprising Loss On RAW

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Matt Riddle has been involved in a feud with IMPERIUM over the last month.

After losing twice to Intercontinental Champion GUNTHER, The Original Bro went head-to-head with Ludwig Kaiser on this week’s episode of RAW before SummerSlam.

Surprisingly, Kaiser defeated Riddle in the match and got his first singles win in a long time.

The Wrestling Observer noted that Riddle losing could be a sign that WWE no longer sees him as an important talent who should be protected from losing often.

They noted that Riddle seems to get into trouble in real-life too often (failed drug tests, leaked private photos & videos, allegations of harassment from ex-girlfriends), so the company may have decided that he’s not the guy they’re going to build stuff around anymore.

After his loss on RAW, the former United States Champion shared a sarcastic tweet and said it’s easier to win a match in UFC than WWE.

“Damn it’s easier to win real fights in the UFC than win a match in WWE #brutal #bro #stallion #ufc #WWE”

He also shared a video of one of his knock out wins in the UFC:

Riddle returned to WWE on the RAW after WrestleMania 39. He was absent for 5 months as he went into rehab after failing a drug test.

Matt’s fiancee, adult movie star Misha Montana, is pregnant right now.

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