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Melina Issues Statement Regarding Her Quick Royal Rumble 2022 Elimination

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• Melina Issues Statement Regarding Her Quick Royal Rumble 2022 Elimination

In the Women’s Royal Rumble 2022 match, former Women’s Champion Melina was eliminated in just 53 seconds. She was the #2 entry and got eliminated by the #1 entry, Sasha Banks.

Fans weren’t happy with Melina’s quick elimination and have been posting on Social Media about wanting a Melina vs. Sasha Banks singles match.

Melina issued the following statement regarding her encounter with Sasha at the Royal Rumble:

“Thank you for all the love and edits for a match vs @sashabankswwe. I love them!

Last year, @impactwrestling & @nwa gave me two great matches that I will always cherish. One with @deonnapurrazzo & the other with @kamillebrickhouse. Both gave me so much joy. It also proved I can still get in there with the best…SO, that night at the Royal Rumble, I was ready to GO!

I wish that moment with Sasha was a singles match. To think if we were able to get a reaction like we did that night without wrestling…Can you imagine what we could do if we actually wrestled?!!!

I can wish for a match with you with all my heart and it may never happen, but whether it was 5 seconds, 60 seconds or 20 minutes in the ring with you Sasha, I’m grateful for that magic moment at the Rumble no matter how short. I will forever keep that in my heart. ♥️ “

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WATCH: Melina’s Huge Knockers:


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