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Michael Cole Was Scheduled To Have A Match With Released WWE Star This Year

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After an 11-year hiatus from professional wrestling, Michael Cole nearly stepped back into the squared circle in 2023, according to AJ Francis (formerly known as Top Dolla).

Plans were reportedly in motion for a match between Francis and Cole, with the intention of keeping it brief and concluding with a victory for the WWE commentator through a distraction finish.

Responding to a user questioning his comments about Jim Cornette, Francis clarified the situation:

“Wait until you idiots realize me and Michael was working together and y’all was too dense to catch on. Michael Cole is a real one.”

Further details emerged as Francis explained:

“Me and Cole wanted a match at a PLE. We even had it planned out. I throw him around for 5 minutes, I get cocky and get distracted by (insert any wrestler here) & he beats me with a small package.”

One proposed scenario for the match involved Top Dolla being distracted by Cole’s former broadcast colleague, Pat McAfee, known for his sporadic appearances in WWE.

The on-screen tension between Michael Cole and Top Dolla originated from a botched splash to the outside by AJ Francis. This moment became a recurring reference in Cole’s commentary during Hit Row matches.

Despite the plans being in place, the match between Francis and Cole did not materialize due to Top Dolla’s release from WWE, leaving fans to wonder about the intriguing dynamic that could have unfolded in the wrestling ring.

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