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MJF, Saraya, Britt Baker & Other AEW Staff React To Rumors About Problems In Women’s Division

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Britt Baker vs. Taya Valkyrie on last week’s AEW Dynamite received a lot of criticism from the fans. Many fans were of the opinion that AEW is not booking the Women’s division correctly.

After the match, Canadian Indy Wrestler LuFisto took to Twitter to state that the problem isn’t AEW’s booking of the Women’s division, but the turmoil that doesn’t seem to end in the Women’s locker room.

She also shared a number of tweets on Thursday and accused AEW President Tony Khan of punishing women who addressed problems in the Women’s division (tap here to read).

Multiple AEW wrestlers have now responded to LuFisto’s comments.

AEW World Champion MJF had the following to say:

“If you listen to miserable people who never made it in this sport that’s not exactly the brightest thing to do. 

Use your brain. 

If someone’s been in professional wrestling for over a decade and you find them to be talented but they’ve never truly ‘panned out’ there’s a reason for it. 

1. Lack of talent. 

2. Difficulty to work with. 

3. Delusional 

Just to name a few. 

People love to talk ill of companies and will say things like ‘I’m the only person who’s brave enough to speak up.’ When in reality the only reason you’re spewing bull***t is because you are aware deep down you aren’t going to make it so what’s the harm in spewing reckless lies and trying to hurt hard working talented people on your way down to obscurity. 

We have an amazing women’s locker room. 

Sorry not sorry.”

Britt Baker approved MJF’s comments:

Saraya tweeted:

“The narrative going around is very disheartening considering someone says they want the best for women’s wrestling but buries it in a number of tweets.

I will say being in this company close to a year, my favourite part is being with the girls in the locker room. They uplift, support and laugh with each other every week and only want the best for one another.

We hype each other up, we buy each other wrestling gear sometimes just as a little surprise, we text each other daily and we are there as a shoulder too. This is one of the best locker rooms I’ve been in and I refuse to let people twist it to be otherwise. Love you all ❤️”

Renee Paquette shared the following:

“We have an incredible women’s division that all look out for and support each other. I’ve never seen it be anything other than a safe space for a bunch of kick a$$ women that all want to see each other and all of @aew shine to their full potential. Women hating women is a real dusty take. 😮‍💨”

Taya Valkyrie tweeted:

“This narrative that all the AEW women hate each other is quite frankly annoying. I’ve been there for 5 months & every 1, from the 2nd I walked in that building, has been nothing but supportive, hyping each other up & bad a$$es. Stop pinning women against each other it’s getting old.”

Tay Melo tweeted:

“I’m pregnant and going to see a High Risk doctor, I’m going through a lot and going to AEW makes me happy. The whole locker room makes me feel loved, they listen to me, they support me.

Last wed Ruby gave me a big hug and told me how proud she is and reminded me how strong I’m!”

Nyla Rose tweeted:

“One person’s PERSONAL experience is NOT

a) the gospel truth 

B) facts

C) anything but one perspective influenced by PERSONAL experience and interaction 

I’m sad, hurt, annoyed, angry, and honestly a little betrayed.. funny thing is it’s not by a single woman in our locker room🤷🏽‍♀️”

The coach of the Women’s division, Madison Rayne, had the following to say:

“Every Wednesday I leave my daughter and husband and get on a plane. Every Wednesday I fly somewhere hundreds of miles away from my dad who is battling stage 4 cancer. And every Wednesday I walk into a locker room of women who motivate, uplift and genuinely enjoy one another! 👊🏼💯”

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