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MJF Says Fans Are Tired Of His AEW World Title Run

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MJF is the longest AEW World Champion in company history and he will defend the Title against Samoa Joe in the main event of this Saturday’s Worlds End PPV.

The Players Tribute has a piece up on MJF, where MJF talked about his current health and title reign.

Here’s what he said:

“I’m tired. I know that’s not what you’re supposed to say as a professional wrestler — especially not before a big World Title defense in your hometown.

I know I should take my vitamins, brother, order up an expensive coffee to the five-star hotel room I’m staying in (thanks, Tony), and end this article by cutting an 80s good guy promo about the evil Samoa Joe. Let’s sell some pay-per-views!!!!!!! But I don’t know, man.

I’m just so, so, so tired. That’s the God’s honest truth. My hip is a mess. My arm won’t lift above my head. I’m on painkillers, which are not my thing. I can’t sleep.

But like I said earlier… I know it’s not only me who’s tired. I know our fans are a little tired of this run I’ve been on. And for the first time since this company started, I know there’s some MJF fatigue. Which is fine, by the way — no one stays hot forever.”

On this week’s episode of Dynamite, The Devil’s masked men defeated MJF in a handicap match to win the ROH Tag Team Championship.

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