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Money In The Bank 2018 (Live Coverage & Results) – Part 7

Braun Strowman Money In The Bank 2018

This is part 7 of our Money In The Bank 2018 Live Coverage (Part 6 can be found here).

Up next is the main event of the evening, it’s the Men’s Money In The Bank Ladder match. Samoa Joe makes his way out first, followed by Finn Balor, Rusev, Kevin Owens, Bobby Roode, The Miz, Braun Strowman and Kofi Kingston (from The New Day).

The match begins and everyone goes after Braun Strowman. Everyone is attacking Braun Strowman with ladders on the outside and they are now burying him under ladders now.

In the meantime, The Miz sneaks into the ring and is climbing the ladder to unhook the briefcase. However, Joe notices it and pushes away the ladder.

Kofi places a ladder on top of The Miz and hits Boom drop. Kevin Owens drops Kofi with a Superkick. Balor is now trying to unhook the briefcase, but Owens pulls him down.

Roode tries to hit the Glorious DDT on Balor, but Balor takes him out with a Basement Dropkick.

Strowman is back in the match now and takes out Balor, Roode & Kofi. Joe hits Strowman with a Suicide Dive. Owens & Rusev then join forces to attack Strowman.

Owens to looking to jump on Strowman from a very tall ladder, but Strowman gets up, climbs the ladder and throws Owens almost 20 feet down through a table!!!

Strowman then Chokeslams Kofi on top of ladders and runs through Roode & Balor who were charging Strowman with a ladder!

Strowman stops The Miz from unhooking the contract and then gets attacked by Joe. Joe & Balor are now fighting on top of the ladder and Roode comes in and pushes the ladder down.

Rusev is looking to lock in a Triple Accolade on Kofi, Roode & Miz, but Joe comes in and locks in the Coquina Clutch on Rusev. Rusev fights off Joe and is climbing the ladder, but goes down when Miz pushes the ladder.

Strowman is stopping everyone from getting the contract. Balor, Strowman and Kofi Kingston (who is on top of Strowman) are on top of a ladder. Strowman throws Kofi down.

Strowman unhooks the contract and wins!!!

Braun Strowman Wins The Money In The Bank Ladder Match

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