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Monitors Fell On Tony Khan During CM Punk – Jack Perry Fight & Samoa Joe Had To Break It Up

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On the AEW All In Zero Hour, “Jungle Boy” Jack Perry took a shot at CM Punk which led to a fight between Punk and Perry when Perry went backstage after his match with HOOK.

According to Bryan Alvarez of the Wrestling Observer, people on Perry’s side claim that he got the glass spot for AEW Collision cleared by officials and then Punk told him no on the day of the show. Perry apparently thinks Punk did that because he’s friends with The Young Bucks.

When Perry went backstage after his match with HOOK, Punk asked him, “Do you have a problem with me?” and Perry replied, “Well, you heard what I said out there.”  Punk then told Perry, “You know I could beat your a$$.” He then shoved him and put him in a chokehold, which was broken up immediately.

There were a lot of witnesses to the incident at the Gorilla position including AEW President Tony Khan. The fight was so close to Khan that monitors fell on him. Samoa Joe had to break up the fight and was furious because he wanted to wrestle at the Wembley Stadium and then had to convince Punk to come out for their match.

Punk was very angry and threatened to quit and did not want to wrestle, which caused a 10 minute delay in things.

FTR and The Young Bucks were asked if they could open the show and they said they weren’t ready, so AEW planned to have The Golden Elite vs. Jay White, Juice Robinson and Konosuke Takeshita open the show until Punk agreed to wrestle.

Regarding Punk’s travel issues, it was noted that there are two versions of the story being shared.

One of them is that Punk arrived and nobody was there to greet him. He couldn’t get in contact with anyone so he decided to take the train.

The other version is that when he arrived, there was no one to greet him, but he did get in contact with people and he offered or they asked if he wanted to take the train, and he was fine with it.

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