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More Bad News For Brock Lesnar Fans

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It was previously reported that Brock Lesnar was scheduled to return to WWE programming during the 2024 Men’s Royal Rumble match.

However, ProWrestlingScoops then reporting that WWE’s creative team has been told to stop coming up with creative plans for Brock and they are looking for Brock’s replacement in the Royal Rumble match.

This happened after the latest Vince McMahon allegations featured Brock Lesnar. While he wasn’t mentioned by name, it was easy to figure out that he was being referred to in the lawsuit with the following description:

“A world-famous athlete and former UFC Heavyweight Champion with whom WWE was actively trying to sign to a new contract (and ultimately did sign that contract).”

Tap here to read more details about how Lesnar was involved in the McMahon allegations.

There’s some more bad news for the fans of The Beast – he might miss WrestleMania 40.

Here’s what PWInsider reported:

“As of this morning, Brock Lesnar had not traveled to Florida for Royal Rumble. The word making the rounds at last night’s SmackDown was that Lesnar, who was at one point slated to return for WrestleMania season, would not be at the PPV.

The terminology one source used was that Lesnar had been ‘withdrawn’ from tonight’s event and the belief was that a WWE NXT talent would be used in Lesnar’s place tonight.

Belief is that under the old regime, Vince would have used Lesnar no matter what but with TKO steering the ship, they are going to be far more aware of how a Lesnar appearance would come off to the public at this juncture.”

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