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1. Mr. McMahon Reportedly Bladed Prior To SmackDown Live Segment With Kevin Owens

As seen in the main event segment of this week’s SmackDown Live, Mr. McMahon was busted open after Kevin Owens headbutted him. You can watch the complete attack on Vince below:

Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer reported that Vince bleeding during the segment was planned in advance. People who have been in the wrestling business for decades told Meltzer that Vince most probably bladed prior to the segment and covered it up with nu-skin, which would eventually lead to the wound re-opening with blood coming out (as a headbutt can’t guarantee blood and the blood was planned in advance).

You could see the difference in the skin near the opening of the cut in a close-up shot. This would be a big hypocrisy on Vince’s part, who has fined Batista $100,000 in the past for blading during a Steel Cage match in 2008.

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