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Murphy Comments On Seth Rollins Releasing His Chat With Aalyah Mysterio

Buddy Murphy

• Murphy Comments On Seth Rollins Releasing His Chat With Aalyah Mysterio

As seen last night on RAW, Seth Rollins showed the chat between Murphy and Aalyah Mysterio to prove that Aalyah has feelings for Murphy.

Aalyah Mysterio Chat With Murphy Screenshot WWE RAW

Murphy appeared on RAW Talk last night and Charly Caruso asked him about Rollins’ actions and what’s going on between him and Aalyah.

Below is what Murphy said:

“Listen, no comment. You see, what Seth did, he should not have done, and me and Seth were going to have words about that. You see, I follow everything Seth does, I follow the greater good.

I’m all for the greater good, but what Seth did by taking my phone and showing the world private conversations, we’re going to have words.

But me and Aalyah, no comment. Since when is it a crime to message someone and see if they’re OK? I’m getting shunned, I’m getting crucified, for just checking on someone’s well being. There’s nothing sneaky about it. It’s a private conversation between two people.”

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