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Mustafa Ali Fires Back At A Fan With “Big A$$ Forehead” For Guiding Others On How To Defeat RETRIBUTION

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• Mustafa Ali Fires Back At A Fan With “Big A$$ Forehead” For Guiding Others On How To Defeat RETRIBUTION

RETRIBUTION debuted on RAW this past summer as a way to boost the show’s ratings, but unfortunately, it didn’t turn out to be a very big success for WWE and has been getting a lot of hate from the fans.

A fan on Twitter got blocked by T-BAR and shared the following guide for others on how to “defeat” RETRIBUTION.

“#ProTip, how to defeat Retribution: Tell them that they’re an underwhelming flop faction, and they block you and run away. #WWE #WWERaw @TBARRetribution @RETRIBUTIONMACE @SlapJackRTRBTN @ReckoningRTRBTN @AliWWE “Butthurt” as Americans say. Shame, I LOVED Chris Dijak as Dijakovic!”

The fan has now deactivated his Twitter account, but you can view the screenshot of his tweet below:

Mustafa Ali Fires Back At A Fan With For Guiding Others On How To Defeat RETRIBUTION

The group’s leader, Mustafa Ali, responded the following to him before he deactivated his account.

“How do you get online and talk sh*t when you got a big a$$ forehead like that? I can park a f’n Volkswagen on that thing.

#ProTip If you don’t appreciate me harassing you over something you have no control of, then don’t harass us over something we have no control of.”

A fan then expressed frustration over the fact that fans think they can show any sort of disrespect to wrestlers.

Ali responded to him and further explained that he didn’t only call out that fan for his tweet about RETRIBUTION, but also because he was mocking fan art created by other wrestling fans.

“Yes, but that’s not the only reason why I responded. That dude went to other wrestling fans’ posts and mocked them for doing fan art. Don’t f*ck with people, I won’t f*ck with you.”

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December 27, 1966 – December 6, 2003

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