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“My arms are 15 inches now. I’m struggling” – Kurt Angle With A Shocking Update On His Health

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Old School WWF Attitude Era Legend Kurt Angle was recently interviewed on the ‘Joe Rogan Experience’ podcast, where he gave a shocking update on his body and his overall health status.

Here’s what Kurt had to say:

“I can’t feel my pinky fingers. I have a lot of atrophy in my arms. Don’t have a lot of strength. I can curl for like 20 pound dumbbells. When I do triceps, I can only push the weights about 60 pounds forward. I don’t have a lot of strength in my upper body.

If you look at my chest right here, you’ll see there’s a dip here. That’s from my neck. That’s a nerve that died and no longer have this muscle on my chest. I have a complete ripple through my chest. It will never come back and I’m afraid it’s gonna happen again, so I’m going to have to have a fusion sooner than later because if I don’t, the damage is gonna get worse and worse and then my arms are gonna end up shrinking to nothing.

I have nerves that are being pinched and they’re not being able to flow down my arms so my fingers are freezing cold. They’re always cold. I don’t have any circulation. This is all extra skin because of what the size my arms used to be. I’m barely making it right now. My arms are 15 inches now. They used to be 18 or 19 inches. I’m struggling right now.”

Kurt Angle’s pro wrestling career is nothing short of legendary. Bursting onto the scene in 1999, Angle quickly established himself as one of the most technically gifted and charismatic performers in the industry. His amateur wrestling background, including winning an Olympic gold medal with a broken neck, translated seamlessly into the world of professional wrestling.

Angle’s time in the WWF (later WWE) was marked by numerous championship reigns and classic matches against some of the biggest names in the business. His intensity, impeccable grappling skills, and unmatched charisma made him a fan favorite and a mainstay in the wrestling world.

After WWE, Angle ventured to other promotions like TNA and even made a triumphant return to WWE, capping off his career with a farewell match at WrestleMania 35. Kurt Angle’s pro wrestling journey is a testament to his dedication, athleticism, and enduring impact on the sport. He will forever be remembered as one of the all-time greats in the squared circle.

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