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“My doctor says I’m like a 35 year old” – 69 Year Old WWF Legend

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• “My doctor says I’m like a 35 year old” – 69 Year Old WWF Legend

Fans recently got concerned about WWE Hall Of Famer Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat, after Jake Roberts said Ricky is dealing with health issues.

Below is what Roberts said on his DDP Snake Pit podcast:

“To be quite honest with you, I know Steamboat’s having (health) issues right now. I hope to hell it wasn’t what I did (DDT spot on a cement floor back in the WWF days). I really do man, because that haunts me. That’s beginning to haunt me a lot.

Ricky, if you’re listening, you know I never meant to do that. I didn’t want to do that. I begged you not to do that. I just pray for you, man. He’s a good dude, man.”

During a recent appearance at the Highspots Superstore virtual auctions session, Steamboat gave the following update on his health:

“Let me just clear out something. After Roberts went up there and said I’ve got health issues, everyone has been asking me is, ‘are you OK?’

I just want to assure everybody that I don’t (have health issues). I’m 69. I just have the normal stuff – a little arthritis in the shoulders and knees [from] years of wrestling.

I do a physical every 6 months, blood tests every 6 months, and my doctor is surprised at how well everything is.

My cholesterol, blood pressure, liver and all the stuff on the inside that you can’t see (is healthy). My doctor says I’m like a 35-year-old.

So, I just want to make it clear to all the fans out there that The Dragon is fine. I still train two times a week, my wife & I bike three times a week. So, I’m good! I really am.”

When a fan asked why Jake mentioned that Steamboat has health issues, Steamboat replied:

“I think maybe he was making a reference to the time he DDT’ed me on the cement floor. Some fans asked him about that. I got a concussion from it, but I have no after effects.

I just want to reiterate – I appreciate all the concern and all the get well notes. The Dragon is fine.”

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