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Natalya & Michael Cole Take A Shot At The CM Punk – AEW Incident

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• Natalya & Michael Cole Take A Shot At The CM Punk – AEW Incident

As we all know by now, CM Punk went on a rant during the AEW All Out 2022 media scrum and then had a fight with The Elite (Kenny Omega & Young Bucks).

It was revealed by various sources that Punk threatened to sue, despite being the first one to get physical in the fight.

Before last Friday’s SmackDown, Natalya took a shot at this incident, when her “assistant” Bob took over her Twitter account and posted the following about the #1 Contenders match that took place later that night:

“This is Bob. Ms Neidhart hasn’t sued anyone in this match, and she’s also a locker room leader. For some reason, she was eating a muffin when she dictated this message to me. Bye.”

Later that night during SmackDown, while recapping the segment where Ronda Rousey beat up Adam Pearce, Michael Cole took a shot at the Punk situation when he was told to say the following on commentary:

“Sources told me WWE Official Adam Pierce has gotten carried away, he’s aired the dirty laundry publicly, hence the reason this investigation has been taken behind the scenes.”

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This was the very first ‘WCW Fall Brawl’ pay-per-view that did not feature the popular “War Games” match.

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Goldberg defeated Diamond Dallas Page

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